About panchayat bhawan

Panchayat Bhawan Yamuna Nagar is ideally located on 4-acres land in the heart of city on NH-73.  This building is at a distance of 1.5 KM from Yamuna Nagar Bus Stand, 1.5 KM from Jagadhri bus Stand and 3 KM from Yamuna Nagar Jagadhri Railway Station and 0.4 KM from Mini Sectt. Jagadhri, Yamuna Nagar.

There  are  various  types  of  rooms  in  the  Panchayat Bhawan Building such as AC Rooms, Non  AC Rooms and Dormitory rooms. The rooms can be provided round the clock. The rooms are quiet clean, spacious and we can accomodate 100 people to stay at one time. We have got special arrangements for marriage and other functions and can manage function of upto 1500-2000 people in the backside ground and 500-600 people in the frontside ground at very economical rates which can be afforded by all pockets.

Availability of Rooms in Panchayat Bhawan

AC- Rooms -            7 Nos.

Non- AC Rooms -     2 Nos.

Dormitory 8 beded - 2 Nos.

 Accommodation  in  Panchayat  Bhawan  is the  cheapest accommodation in the District Yamuna Nagar. Panchayat Bhawan  is more  secure due to all  the  entry  gates covered  by the  CCTV  Cameras.  Options  of  complete booking  and  single  room  booking  is also available in the Panchayat  Bhawan.

About YAmuna nagar

     YAMUNANAGAR Distt. came into existence on Ist November, 1989. Its area is 1756 square kilometers. Before being named Yamunanagar it was known as Abdullapur. Large part of the district lies under the Shiwalik foothills. Sugarcane, wheat and rice are its main crops. It is an important industrial town having hundereds of metal, utensil and plywood industries. Large industries like Shri Gopal Paper Mills and Saraswati Sugar Mills (biggest Sugar mill in Asia) are also located here.

     Yamuna Nagar district is bounded by the state of Himachal Pradesh in the north, by the state of Uttar pradesh in the east and south east by the districts of Yamuna Nagar and Kurukshetra in the south west and by Ambala district in the west. The district has a sub-tropical continental monsoon climate where we find seasonal rhythm, hot summer, cool winter, unreliable rainfall and great variation in temperature. In winters, frost sometimes occurs during December and January. The district also gets occasional winter rains from cyclones. The rain fall is mostly restricted to rainy season.

     Yamuna river after rising from the snow-clad peaks of the middle himalayas at yamnotri, enters the district from its northeastern corner through a narrow corridor in the Siwaliks. It is a perennial river. boli nadi joins the somb nadi near dadupur and then the combined somb and boli nadis join the Yamuna River at mehar majra. The rakshi stream takes its birth in the rolling foot hill plain while the Chautang and Sarasvati rivers originate in the lower hills. Generally, the slope of the district is from north-east to south- west, in which direction most of rivers/nadis/ rainfed torrents flow down.

Panchayat Bhawan, YamunaNagar Park Inside Panchayat Bhawan